Who am I?

Hi, I’m Katsy Faustino! Welcome to my online happy place, KatsyFaustino.com, where I blog about the things that inspire me in my journey through Design, Travel, Beauty, and Lifestyle.

I used to blog at A Daily Dose of Katsy, but transferring to a new domain under my name, Katsy Faustino, is a new beginning for me. I have long wanted to transition into a blog that is more reflective of who I am and my belief in having a designed lifestyle that is fun, aesthetically pleasing, indulgent yet ultimately still achievable for readers who are like me – passionate, driven, and constantly looking for inspiration.

What is this blog about?

KatsyFaustino.com hopes to provide young professional women with constant inspiration and indulgence in design, travel, beauty, and lifestyle. It’s my desire to create an online source for sharing and promoting design, values, and personal experiences for learning.


My work as a design professional constantly exposes me to the latest trends and building materials as well as solutions for sustainability. On the blog, I share my thoughts on these, plus a whole range of design-themed topics, from concepts and ideas, space planning, decorating and accessorizing.


My greatest indulgence in life just might be traveling. I have had the opportunity to go out of town and out of the country, and so I humbly want to share those experiences, along with tips of traveling without really breaking the budget.


I love makeup and skincare — I can talk about them for hours! I am constantly on the lookout for that next HG item that’s a must-have for my kit. I believe in those shiny pretty things that make us beautiful, not because they cover up, but because they enhance and help us feel just a little more confident and ready to face our day. (Don’t ever underestimate the power of a good lipstick is my advice!)


There is inspiration in every part of life – style, tech, food, literature. The list goes on. I aim to give my readers a well-rounded experience on things beyond design, travel and beauty, depending on what sparks their interest.


Let’s get connected! I would love to hear your thoughts on design, travel, beauty, and lifestyle or anything under the sun really. Do drop me an email, send me a tweet, or follow me on fb, instagram, pinterest, and bloglovin.

Meanwhile, keep lovin’ life! 🙂


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